Retro OP-1, anyone?!

Slap my tits and call me grandma… TE just copied that and put it in a casiotone

That is amazing!


How do you play chop lifter on that thing? Seriously though. What a cool device.

That’s rad! I’d buy it just to display it.

lol @Tribrix

What size batteries I wonder…

Wonderful device

I have one for sale 180 dolars

I have one for sale 180 dolars

Can you make a demo video of it? I would love to see it. There isn’t a single video of this thing on YouTube.

Ok. , mine isnt in goodwork condition , tape recorder need fix

That must be the coolest thing I have ever seen! The radio strip looks so off place.
So now it’s out in the open: the op-1 is a reinvention :slight_smile:

Insane!!! That took me here…

When I was a teen I had a little cassette/radio/turntable combo. It was the size of like 3 op-1’s stacked and actually played full sized albums. Now i’ll search for that hahahaha.

Amazing :slight_smile:

It was like this but no usb/speaker. It did have cassette so I could rip my friends vinyl oldskule style!

I may need this one.

Since the auction is long-over, this is what it was for - the Sankei “Stereo Entertainer”


Check out a remix of one of my favorite tracks.

Love to collab with anyone! Give me a follow, shoot me a message.

What do you guys think of my retro op1 hehehehe

Oh god. I think I need to do that. Maybe plastidip. Any special technique for popping the flats/sharp keys out?