Reverse b&w manual?

Does anyone know if there is a printable b&w (black writing on white background) version of the manual?
I know they are trying to save trees by not printing manuals out for each unit (and the gray background is easy on the eyes)…but they’re forcing people to waste ink if they want hard copies.

Yes please, that was my first thought upon opening the PDF for the first time.

It should be on -> nope

Maybe someone?..

ok…figured something out…

In Adobe Reader…go to ‘edit’------>‘preferences’------>‘accessibility’--------> check the ‘replace document colors’ box and UNCHECK the ‘only change color of black text or line art’ box

that should do it!

scratch that…when using the above method it shows on the screen as reversed but it is still printing the original format…at least for me

…maybe someone else could try try this…I may be doing something wrong

Someone did this already…

You can always open the PDF in Photoshop and invert it. It may be tedious, but worth it, if it helps.

i have stashed a copy. link is on my resource page


Thank you eronald!