rewind button triggers twice

hey, maybe anyone can help me out here. a few months ago a bottle of rum broke in my backpack and as i carry my op-1 with me at all times a little bit got spilled on it. i did a function test which showed < and > did not work. we used deoxit and it worked, but a few days later the < button triggered twice sometimes. a week ago i saw fixit had finally new replacement keyboards, so i ordered one. i replaced it, but the < button still triggers twice sometimes… way less than before tho. and it drives me fucking insane to be honest. it must be something else i guess, but then i don’t get why deoxit made a change and so did replacing the keybed, but the problem is still there to a lesser degree. any help appreciated! i really don’t wanna send it to TE, because it takes a few weeks and I’m suffering from anxiety - i always take it with me, its my R2D2. it protects me. it always offers my soul a place to stay being in peace creating.

Hey friend. Just wanna say that I feel your struggle in facing being without your op1. I live with depression and high levels of stress as opposed to anxiety (as diagnosed)…

Anyways, I don’t actually have any help to offer, but I had a long running issue with my op1 the first (Lorraine) I bought a 2nd hand one eventually (Morgan) and he’s been an absolute champ, but during the malfunction times, it had a massive effect on me.

Dunno if any of this helps at all, but I guess my point is that you’re not alone. Hope you’re feeling well.