Rhythm Conductor case

Hello everyone!

I would like to share a case I made last year for the TE case contest. :slight_smile:

Basically it’s a case with an extra amp, battery and a bone conductor inside, so whenever you put it down onto something, it’ll make it vibrate and use what the PO is placed on as a speaker :slight_smile:
A couple of people seemed to like it on Instagram and TE picked it as their second favorite, so that was unsuspected! Some people asked me if I’d be willing to sell some, but i’m afraid it’ll be more expensive than the PO itself and I don’t think that’s worth it?

I’m also working on a normal version of this case with a much flatter back, without that bone conductor stuff…

I was wondering what you guys think of it.
Here’s a very short video of it working, and there’s some others on there too…

__2015-06-03 17.12.40

__2015-06-03 17.11.22

__2015-06-03 15.21.07

__2015-06-03 15.20.08

__2015-06-03 15.12.17

Schermafdruk 2015-06-03 00.16.25

Super sweet is what I think, great idea with the bone conductor! I have one and been thinking of a use for it so I might try this :slight_smile:

really nice, though not sure about the metal bracket on the back… good work!

really nice, though not sure about the metal bracket on the back... good work!

That’s the bone conducting transducer.

great case! gonna sell them or care to share the file? i really dislike the rubbery case TE came up with. I want something hard like a gameboy or yah know a calculator. this seems perfect!!

@masterofstuff124, well i’m working on a much thinner version without extra amp, extra battery and transducer. This will be much more compact.
The buttons feel a little bit stiff for now and i don’t have a way yet to put anything onto the buttons like numbers etc, but i’m working on a solution for that too…

I’d probably like to sell them on a shapeways shop or something when it’s finished :slight_smile:

@darenager, Well, normally it should work as any normal 8ohm speaker, and the PO should have an 8ohm speaker breakout on the back, but I noticed the bone conductor wasn’t working well at all when soldered directly onto the PO, that’s why I had to add an extra amp inside…

Maybe I did something ridiculously wrong, I’m not really the best at electronics :slight_smile:

2015-06-02 23.08.02

Cool stuff!

what board is that you are using for power?

Yep please share us how to create or buy it! thank you!

@masterofstuff124 @MattiaC , It’s an adafruit amplifier and battery, you need to take the battery out to charge it with an adafruit lipo charger board. For now it only powers the extra amp, not also the PO. I had to come up with something quick in order to make the deadline for the TE competition last year :slight_smile:

I still didn’t have much time, but i’m making a normal case that looks just like this one that doesn’t have all that extra stuff and an option to add an extra jack for power. I’m going to put it on shapeways or something similar soon :slight_smile:

If people would still be interested in this version, I could put it on shapeways as well, all the other stuff you can find at the adafruit website, but this case was more expensive than the PO itself :wink: bear that in mind!

@cuckoo, Thanks a lot!