Rick & Morty Backup

I got a R&M pocket operator - I know, I’m shallow. I’m fairly sure it is identical to the Speak (except for the screen). If someone has a PO35 Speak and wants to try downloading a backup of the R&M samples and patterns - I’ve attached a copy of it at this dropbox location (it won’t let me upload mp3s here) - let me know if it works cheers Paul

edit: updated link to a better backup file - need to be stereo, not MP3 and quite a hot signal


I’ll try that thanks

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Didn’t work :frowning:

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Hi @dbell, The first was recorded in mono but I read somewhere it needs to be stereo

Try this one which is stereo, I’ve tried it on th PO-137 and it works so good to know if it works on the speak - Link to dropbox

That is a negative, unfortunately, but I guess that is expected given how corporate BS works.

Edit: Sorry TE, I was wrong! See below…

No love. It recognizes the carrier but won’t fully load. I’m assuming they put something in that tells the PO type so that you don’t accidentally load the wrong PO backup.

I’m afraid that MP3 won’t do it. See here: https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/1060-po-35-secret-powers

About backups

  • When making backups (with write + sound ) use a stereo cable and stereo recording in at least 16-bit 44kHz.
  • The signal is very sensitive to noise and distortion so use a good cable and a good audio card.
  • Avoid too low and (especially) too high recording and playback levels. ( bpm + 11 is a good output level.)
  • Save as WAV or AIFF. MP3 etc will degrade the signal and may not work at all.
  • Always test that restoring with record + sound works. It is perfectly safe and won’t destroy your data even if there are errors.
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Thanks, that an interesting thread.

One last try at a backup, this one is a stereo WAV

Ok, I stand corrected, there is not type check, this backup DOES work on a PO-35! I had to load it in Audacity and amplify it because the original recording level is too low to be recognized by the PO. Thanks much @houtson :slight_smile:


holly crap! great you got it working, I’ve updated the original link to another WAV with a bit more gain


Nice, this works. Would load from the drop box audio player but did through iTunes on a Mac at full volume.

Thanks again :+1:

It works fine, indeed. Thank you!

Does anybody know if the drum kit included in the PO-137 is available somewhere on its own? Is it included on one of the packs for the Microtonic?

It would be awesome to load it in the PO-32 and make some polyphonic rhythms along with the PO-35/PO-137