Just read about this on Create Digital Music:

USB power cables for your gear. The Kickstarter’s still open for 6 hours, I’m thinking of ordering a couple of these…

Eh, I wouldn’t really trust these with powering much more than things that already have a usb power jack…

First, I wouldn’t trust a converter that small to do 1000mA. Power electronics take up space, can’t get around that.

Second, only nice USB power supplies (no laptop USB ports or cheap adapters) can do anywhere near 1000mA. And you’d need to draw even more than that for any output voltage higher than 5V. (I’m assuming the 18V one will have a lower current rating, because you’d need to draw almost 4A from the USB port for a 1A output…)

I ordered a couple and I see they hit their funding target which is great.

I have a few things (midi-thru, fx, meeblip) that it will be really handy for and they seem to have put a good bit of thought and testing into the product