Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone tried using RØDE’s AI-Micro USBC interface with the OP-1 Field?

Any insights? It’s an interface with input and output so I was wondering if the OP-1 is capable of powering it and routing audio through it or recording through it. Thanks!

edit: link: https://rode.com/en/interfaces-and-mixers/ai-series/ai-micro

What is the point? OP-1 Already has a headphone output and a stereo like input. This will run a pair of mics like label mics I’d say, but pretty sure it doesn’t power 48V phantom power mics. What about something like a Zoom H4n? USB, but also has XY mics, 48V mic preamps, line output if you don’t want to use usb. Also a four track in there. Can record long lengths of audio to SD card then sample what you need into the field too. Found used quite cheaply often.

Thanks for commenting but trust me that this thread arose from being past every single thing you mentioned in your comment. I’m asking about something specific for a reason.

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Understand, fair enough :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I haven’t tried it. Hopefully someone else has.
Maybe buy from somewhere with an easy return policy?

I already own that røde device, it’s an extremely compact setup with electret mics and is compatible with apple devices. I am not sure it’d work with the Field I am trying to buy right now, which is why I am asking.

There is no setup more compact, without the device itself supporting plug-in power stereo input, which is why I own this in the first place.

Ahh got it, you have the Røde already, not the Field.

Well the Field supports class compliant USB audio devices, sort of. It doesn’t output through them, so it wooden play out of the headphone jack on the Røde. (It can output over USB into a computer though)

The OP-1 Field sees my Blue Yeti and can power and record from that. Also I have an old Presonus Audiobox 2 which it works well with, that has 48V preamps. It works with my Zoom H1n (I don’t own a bigger Zoom)

When it came out some one said it didn’t work their their Blue Yeti. I don’t know why. There are different models of those. It may not like only running at 44kHz or 48kHz or something, I think. I no longer work in a music store, not since 2011, so I can’t just easily test something with 20 different interfaces anymore to narrow things down, sadly :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply! That does help narrow it down just a bit. I am wondering if one can save configs onto the røde without using the app. Will post here with an update. That would make it a mighty sidekick for pairing the OP-1 with really good electret mics for field recording!

Not tried this on the OP-1f yet, but on the TX-6, plugged in to the USB port with the 2 Channel setting, I’m getting signal from PiP clippy mics. So it does seem to be passing on power and passing back signal via USB. My assumption is that the OP-1f will behave in the same way.

Caveat - I’ve plugged a stereo Clippy pair into the stereo input, and selected “Stereo” (n.b. it does retain settings from the app) but am only getting audio from one mic, spread into a stereo field.

When I plug two mono mics into the 2 inputs, I’m getting a respected stereo field.

My use case was to have the TX-6 as a high quality field recorder, I’ve yet to test if all this works through a hub… But, I def feel like there’s something here, and something which means I don’t have to use my cobbled together PiP supply that just adds noise…

I’ll test on my OP-1f later and feed back

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Thanks! That’s great to hear. Regarding the stereo input, that’s an oversight by Røde. You just need to use this specific splitter and it’ll work.

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Oh that’s perfect - thanks

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