Roland Boutique & OP-1


Hope everybody’s well and safe (and of course enjoying creating sounds).

This is my first post on the forum.

I just got an OP-1 and I would like to ¨connect¨ it with my Roland Ju-06a.

My goal is to record sound of my Roland onto the tape of the OP-1.
I’m not talking about sampling. I would for example like to record a sequence or
some chords on my Roland to the tape of the Op-1.
Is a simple Midi cable the answer to this?

I’m very new to synths and electronic music in general so I don’t have a lot of knowledge about hardware, software, cables, etc.

Thanks for your help!

to record sound u need an 3.5mm audio cable from the output of hte JU to the input of the OP1

if u want to control the JU with the OP1 like play the OP1 keyboard or sequencer(s) and have that trigger the JU, then u need a USB MIDI HOST & a MIDI cable

Thanks a lot!

Hmm somehow I can’t make it work. What am I missing?

did u select line in the input selection screen? shift + mic
then did u enable the external audio by pressing mic again on the tape screen?

No I did not to this😅

Got it working now.

Thanks again for your help!

@docshermsticks says “need a USB MIDI HOST & a MIDI cable”. Or, if you have an iOS device, you should be able to sync in a relatively cheap and compact environment by connecting both the OP-1 and the boutique.