Roli Blocks

It’s funny that there’s no thread on these little things here already. Seem like a great match for people with compact setups. Anyone had a go already?

I think this would be a great solution for music making on the go – just have an iPhone with you, and this block, and you have a tactile music making experience. The dealmaker/breaker for me, though, is the extent the Blocks will integrate with external gear and apps – no interest in just using the Roli app.

In any case, seems like the most cost-effective way of getting Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

Concerning integration with other gear/apps:

…And, there’s this:

yeah it’s cool for sure, but i would go for this:

I was excited about the blocks, but then somebody on the llllll forum complained about the feel and the latency… I still want to try them!

Yeah people are saying they’re too small to really be practical, but I’m sure folks will find away to use them creatively. Integration with modular is very cool.

Ah… sucks. Latency and poor usability would be what kills a product like this.

Dunno how “not paid for” this is. But Andrew Huang demos them on his channel.

Skip to around 4mins for his opinion.