Rolls MX 41b

Hi all,

The Korg Volca Sample is gonna arrive here in a couple of weeks. Now i want to buy a small passive stereo mixer to connect the OP-1, the volca sample and keys and my monotribe.

I am thinking of buying the Rolls MX 41b. Does anyone here have experience with this little mixer?

Not used that particular one, but passive mixers are generally all the same, you lose a fair bit of gain which gets worse the more devices you have connected, often though it is not a problem, for example if recording you can make up the gain on the recorders input. Passive mixers add no noise but can suffer from a bit of crosstalk if the connected devices have different output impedances, but in the case of the 3 devices listed you should be ok.

Don’t know about the Rolls, but I own this one
Works pretty well. It takes a 9v batt which gets a little noisy, but if you get an adapter, the noise dimenishes.


Thanks for the info. That might become a problem if i wanted to attach other things? I also have a mopho keys, a blofeld, a Tempest and an MS-20. I probably won't use it for those as i also have a Mackie mixer. It's purely for jamming with small devices in the living room...


Thanks for telling about this one. It looks very nice, shame about the noise though. I was hoping to avoid an adapter..

I have one and i like it

very useful and nice build quality.
Also works as 1x4 audio splitter
You might notice a little volume loss when using multiple inputs but not a big deal


Thanks, i decided to get it. It's cheap and i think it will be sufficient. Thank you very much for the info, guys!


i’ve stumbled upon this
might interest u too
i’ll definitely get one asap

Like a lot of other Volca users I feed all my portable toys into my Belkin Rockstar. Works like a charm. Great for use in the Microbrute patchbay too. :slight_smile:

What I have never found is a little portable mixer, passive or otherwise that can pan. That is all the Belkin lacks. Sure, gain is sometimes an issue but you can’t have it all!


That looks very interesting! Might get one of those as well. Thanks for the tip.


Yeah, i had my eye on one of those first, but i wanted to have volume control.

I was looking for something just above the Rockstar, e.g. with pan, active.
But in the end, I am now looking for a full mixer, with FX and the ability to record straight to a USB key or something, as well as being a USB audio interface. Still trying to avoid computer as much as possible.

@ghostly606 : a word of warning

i’ve loved my rockstar until one day, the audio output jack of my computer just fried.
Maybe it isn’t related but i assume it to have little protection (or none) against signal overloads ?
i have no knowledge in this kind of stuff and maybe it’s just my imagination and a coincidence, but careful ! I’ve never used it since

@johnl w/o getting too expensive or crazy, i think this behringer UFX1204 might fit your bill. not too many "budget" mixers out there w/ ability to record straight to USB thumb drive.