Rules for Open Battles

[General discussion for the open battles]
While OP-1 battles are pretty successful, OP-Z battles have not taken yet, neither PO battles.
And what about good old operators that don’t use or have an OP-1 anymore? They might want to have fun again!
What if we had “Open Battles” where no hardware is mandatory to begin with?

I want to test this idea, so here is the “Open Battle” category, and let’s hope it becomes as popular as OP-1 battles!

Recording can be done in a DAW, a 4 track cassette recorder or a sampler, or any other recording support, including the OP-1.
Technical achievement is not the point: the aim of open battles is to explore your instruments further, discover new sound design techniques, get a track done, and most of all have fun!

Rules commonly employed (even implicitly) in OP-1 battles, unless explicitly lifted:

  • your track must be created for the battle, don’t reuse something you had done before
  • tracks should be uploaded to Soundcloud with the tag indicated for the battle
  • during votes, you can’t vote for the person that gave the brief