Sample (from mic/radio) edit limitations

I’m struggling with not being able to affect end release times/create fades at end of samples in drum mode - this is seriously affecting what we can create for professional applications. Let’s hope TE open these up for us in future firmware updates. :sunglasses: In the meantime, has anyone any tips for creating smoother in/out points and removed clicks that occur when a sampled section is looped?

Adjust drum envelope
Adjust start and end
Sample with effects

I have tried all these, but I’ve not found it to be a satisfactory solution - I’m still generating ‘pops & clicks’ on any quick repeat loops. Are you saying you find the methods you’ve listed to allow you to create totally smooth sample loops? If so, maybe I just need to better apply them.

Yes But I might be easier satisfied. Recording of samples for a drum kit is an art like playing the piano.