Sample getting cut off during sequencing (po-33)

When I put a long enough sample into a sequence, it gets cut off at a point too early… any workarounds or solutions… this flaw is getting me angry to a point where I’m starting to regretbuying this

That might happen, if you have more than 4 samples playing at that point.

I don’t… it’s just one long-ish sample (too long for it to finish by the time it goes from 1-16)

I see…are you playing only that one sequence?
If you want a sample longer than 16 steps play out you need to do the following:

trigger sample on step 1 of pattern 1.
then chain pattern 1 + pattern 2 (empty, as in not triggering that specific sample again)+ pattern 2 again…if the sample is longer than 2 pattern.s

I’ve only had a po-33 for a day or two… I hate to be annoying, but can you explain further?

No problem :wink:

Could you let me know which part exactly you don’t understand?

If it’s chaining patterns, then do the following:
hold the pattern-button, then press 1,2,2,2,
now let go of the pattern button and press play.
Now the PO will play pattern 1 once and pattern 2 three times.

It worked! Thank you… except one more thing…another preset pattern is triggered when I do this, and the pitch is switched back when I go to pattern… also, how do I loop the sample?

to empty pattern two:

hold pattern-button, then press 2.
release pattern-button
,now hold record and press pattern.

this will have deleted pattern 2…so there shouldn’t be anything else playing.


This the pattern chaining thing sometimes just doesn’t decide to work for some reason, but sometimes it does… anything?

Maybe you could upload a video and share it. Otherwise I don’t know why it wouldn’t work…

Maybe I have to be in a certain mode to do this…