Sample packs by OP-1 center vs OP-1 fun


I found this website on Instagram and was wondering if it was worth it. Is it better than the free samples pack from OP-1 fun (if anyone tried)?

Many thanks

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Why don’t they put a sound demo on the product page…

The demos are too simple :woozy_face:

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Yes… I will try the free ones and see how it goes

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I would err on the side of caution and say, “don’t waste your money…”, as,

A) the OP-1 is not exactly the most difficult machine to create patches with the included synths and their few parameters (4 main knobs, 4 buttons for selection and submenu options, and like ~3 total special buttons that branch out from that, like Poly/Unison/Mono/Legato, the voice detune parameters, and the portamento value settings).

So basically, while it is a very vastly capable workstation, it is also SOOO very simple to dial it in yourself, which is like half the fun, imo (and also free, which is just the right price on extras for a hardware unit that already cost you ~$800-2k, depending on when you got it, and through where/whom you purchased it).

Also, if you want a sound you don’t think is possible, you can use samples, which brings me to my next point,

B) Why pay for samples that someone is charging for, when Music Radar has a HUGE, categorized library of free .wav samples here and there is a very easy to use wav → aiff file conversion utility you don’t even have to download to use?

That’s just my thought process, on the matter, as that is what I have been using for my OP-1, since the day I got it ~2-3 years ago. It is my favorite way to work with it.

Some of you will likely still make the decision to purchase samples and presets, and I am not one to criticize, but I did want to lightly suggest an alternative approach that costs $0 (and which I personally find more satisfying to use).

I hope this will help some others save some money, or get more enjoyment out of their awesome Swiss Army [synth], one way or another. :smiley:


I agree with you! Modifying the samples within the OP-1 is very fun. However it takes me hours to just create drum kits in Ableton, with the drag & drop process in the drum utility so it tempting sometimes to buy a kit already streamlined to go to the fun part more quickly

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Hey! I run OP-1 Center; just felt the need to comment on the above :grinning:

I completely agree with stevo3985 - the OP-1 shines when dialing in your own sounds, it can really be used to make unique sounds and if you have the time to dedicate to it, you shouldn’t really need any of the packs over at

I made the site as I work 10 hour days as a Civil Engineer, and sometimes I just wanted to play around on the OP-1 using some new sounds with as minimal effort as possible; sometimes this meant downloading some sounds from sites like to play around with. However soon I found these a bit limited and I started making my own.

I felt like a lot of other people might be in the same boat, so over time I’ve really expanded our catalogue and people have been really enjoying it. It is purely for those people that need a quick burst of inspiration with as little resistance as possible. I also have access to a whole load of instruments and software that some people might not have, so having access to sample packs made with these might be good for some.

As for a sample page, I tend to trust Instagram creators to show what the packs can do - if you follow, you will find a load of creators using and enjoying the sounds. There’s not much I can do to give previews of the sounds over what I am doing at the moment, so Instagram is probably the best way to showcase them. I will try and build in a more fleshed out demo page when time permits! I also put the sounds on Bandcamp if you want a quicker way to sample them.

Please send me any feedback you have as I am trying to make the site better and more available to people. Thanks :grinning:


Will you update or/and make any OP-1 Fields packs?

Do these sample packs work on the OP-1 field also??? :pray:t4: