sample playback

Something thats been bugging me for a while - when you trigger something you have just sampled, is it possible for that sample to stop as soon as you release the trigger button? Im using the synth sample engine and i cant seem to find any trigger options? So the sample continues playing for around half a second instead of instantly. Any ideas? Probably something basic

Can’t check right now but isn’t it the (possibly Shift +) red knob? Has three options. Play while key is pressed. Play til end. Loop. I think…

Haha that used to drive me mad sometimes, but as @callofthevoid says and from the OP-1 manual:

Turn the Orange encoder to set the play mode of a part.

Also @jonesy_op not sure if you have seen this drum mode tutorial made by ZuluMonk, this might clear out a few clouds for you. At about 4:00 he shows a great tip on how to lay out your samples by copy pasting them from one key to another. That tutorial def opened drum layering for me on the OP. Huge time saver as well.

Cheers guys, will try those suggestions after work!

Cheers guys, will try those suggestions after work!

Might be different in synth sample engine. Might have to use the envelope and set the release to how you want. I can’t remember if the synth sample playback options are the same as in drum sample engine…

Indeed @Callofthevoid one can use the envelope.

But on the synth sample engine you can also set the start = blue / loop points = green + white / release point = red
So to have immediate stop you just set red+white on the same point.