Sample stops playing even though a long release is set (newbie issue)

Hey! I just bough a new Op-1 and I am twigling around. Just came over this annoying thing that happens when I sample some sound into a synth sampler, I set the loop points, everything sounds nice when a key is pressed, then I set a really long release because its more an eerie sound so its good for pads. Anyway, when I do that and I release a key I’d expect the sound to fade away for some amount of time due to long release but instead the sound suddenly stops after few seconds.

Is this a common issue with samples or am I doing something wrong?


Hey there! Not sure if you’ve sorted it out by now, but the thing you need to keep in mind with the sampler is that there is no real time-stretching going on, so your six second sample will get shorter and shorter in time the higher up your notes go, as well as longer for lower notes. Unfortunately, the loop points don’t carry over into the release stage. I wish there was a way to implement that function, because you could have a long release high up so long as it was looping.

As for workarounds, there isn’t a ton you can do, but if you set your loop points as early on in the sample as you can, and the red dot at the very end, when you release a key it will play back the portion between the end of the loop points and your red marker. I’ve also started recording samples that have their own natural decay to them, and this helps keep the end from being so choppy.
Hope this helps!

Resampling with Spring or Delay FX on the original sample could work too. You could also generate a long release for resampling by setting zero sustain and a long decay. LFO automation on Nitro or Punch could work as well, much like a low pass gate. With the Element LFO with volume on Tremolo target you can control the “release” time manually by tilting the device.

More elaborate workaround would be to transfer the sample to drums, set it on every key, decrease the volume on every key from left to right and then use endless sequencer to play them in order. If you go for legato (in the sequencer) you should get smooth transitions as well. You’ll get some stepping but you can control the release length by adjusting the sequencer and tape speed.

All of this of course only works if your sample does not change in the real release phase. Then you could try using two samples to get where you want to go

I think you need to turn the orange encoder /knob. It gives you options like play to end of sample/ etc… good luck. And read the manual :slight_smile: