Sampler Start/End Position Full Modulation?

When modulating the start position on sampler using a LFO, why can’t the start/end position be modulated to the full length of the sample?

Turning up the LFO amount to 100 only modulates the start position ~25% of the entire length, my thinking is that it would modulate the entire range like other parameters.

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you might need to make sure your markers on the sample span the entire length too. i know on the field there are 4 markers. the true start/end, and then the loop start/end. maybe try toggling these 4 to make sure there isn’t some placement that would enable the full sweep. just an idea.

yea tried moving all markers around, start/end seem to modulate without respect for loop start/end position, also modulating loop start/end seems to modulate larger ranges but still not able to be the entire sample length

Hi! I have the same issue, have you found a workaround?