“SAMPLER THINGS” OP-Z new firmware + DMX and many surprises!

After months of research, tests and preparation, I can finally announce my new video with OP-Z as the protagonist. Next to the great success of my previous video with the OP-1, this time I will squeeze the little boy from Teenage Engineering using the power of new Sampling features and the stunning DMX option, to realize a unique idea: the alphabet of lights to communicate with the upside-down. This is my tribute to Stranger Things and, above all, a tribute to all of you who support me through the channel.


Really great! Enjoyed it. Very impressive!

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I’m glad you enjoyed! Thank you!

me too. reminds me of my first „installations“ with the Original Oplab which can be used to trigger 12 individual led light strips (just on/off) over one octave.

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That’s just fantastic! Nicely done!

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thank you Sparky :heart:

the force is strong with this one.

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I’m glad you enjoyed :slight_smile: