Samples in pattern sequencer cut off before they play out

Hi there - I’m building a drum track in the pattern sequencer - the hi-samples cut out the kick before it plays through. What am I doing wrong? Help apprecited. Thank you.

the OP1 doesn’t have choke/mute groups in the drum sampler so there should not be any cutting off of one sample by another. are you using drum sampler? check to see if your samples are set to play out fully (the setting showing arrow with “1” next to it). The pattern sequencer only plays samples for a very short time if samples are set to just arrow.

thanks squiddly i will check this.

yeah that was it. thanks very much mate :+1:

glad that helped.
The endless sequencer allows more control over the length of drum hits – you can set the length a note plays out by holding down the shift key when entering notes.