sampling and saving op-1

I understand how to sample through the synth engine or drum engine.

However, how do you save the sample? how many samples can i store on the op-1?

as soon as i move off the synth->sample section of the op-1 i lose the sample.

press and hold the 1-8 button that your currently working in. a lil graphic will show up that will tell u its saving, and when its saved. then it will show up in your snapshots folder

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how do we access the snapshot folder?

just like any other preset, but it will be a folder called snapshot in the menu.

if u plug in your op1 to usb u can retrieve/rename these snapshots in their respective synth/drum folders

thank you!! you dah-man!!

Alright i think I’m messing something up…

so here’s how i sample…

i go to synth->shift + 1->scroll to sampler->shfit + mic->scroll to microphone icon with blue encoder->record sample

now the sample will play across the keyboard where each key represents that sound clip at different notes

now if i hold one of buttons 1 to 8 it will say “saved” i go to the snapshot folder and it has saved a different synth preset in their…typically the synth already assigned to button 1 to 8?

once i scroll off of the sampler icon…i lose the sample…confused…

also when i do hold one of the buttons 1 to 8 it will say “full” …

Nevermind, i figured it out.

for some reason my op-1 will only let me save a patch using synth key 1…

if you’re working with key 1 you have to press 1 to save. 2 and 2, 3 and 3, etc

@opTAV make sure you hold number key for 5seconds until you see a green tick. Just a thought ,or maybe you’ve saved lots of stuff already and memories full.