Sampling from an Android phone/Apple iPad?

New user of the OP-Z here, I really want to plug my phone or iPad into the OP-Z and get a nice clean sample. How do achieve this?

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Ah is there no way to do sampling over USB?

I’m also interested in this, both for OP1 and OPZ.
No way to make stuff over USB, even with the latest iPad Air?

You can definitely sample over USB from iOS devices with a USB-C port with a direct USB-C > USB-C connection. It works great with my iPad Pro and I’m sure it will work just the same with the new Airs.


Android too!! I sample YouTube all the time!! (Don’t tell them)

You can sample directly to the OP-Z over USB! If you have an iPad with USB-C, all you need is a C-to-C cable. If you have a device with a Lightning port, you’ll need a Camera Connection Kit (I recommend the USB 3.0 version: Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple (CA) ).

Your iPad and iPhone will automatically recognize the OP-Z as a 2 in / 2 out interface. Simply set the OP-Z to accept USB input and sample as normal (OP-Z guide: sampling)

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This is great, guys. Thanks for being a helpful bunch.

I have an iPad with Lightning connection, plus I have the first offici camera kit. It turns the Lightning into a regular female USB port which I could probably connect the other end of the OP-Z cable to. Will give it a try.

Oh do you set the OP-z to record over USB, right? Setting 3 is it?

Anyone successfully sampled using an Android phone?

That connection kit will work! I forgot, but in the sampling menu you can toggle monitoring by hitting play, and you can select source by holding play and hitting 1-3.

I’ve never tried it with Android but the OP-Z is class-compliant so a USB-C to USB-C cable should work no problem.

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Actually, I think audio may only emit from the headphone output from the Android phone, well my Google Pixel 3 at least. So maybe the ttrs connector mention earlier in this thread.

EDIT: Hmm seems Pixel does support audio output over usb-c. I must investigate :slight_smile: :grinning:

Like I said earlier, I use a Android… I have used two different phones no problem… it just works…

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Do you just go USB from phone to OP-Z?

Yes. I use my phone’s cord because it is usb-c to usb-c.

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