Sampling from tape

Hi all,

I recorded a few seconds of FM radio on tape and I’d like to turn it into a sample - either with the synth or with the drum machine. The user guide says it’s possible to lift from the tape and drop to the drum machine or to synth but I can’t figure out how to do this… Any hint ?

Thanks for the help !

Well, I might be stating the obvious here but: Just lift and drop :slight_smile: Go to tape mode. Scroll to your sample and make sure it’s highlighted (blue). Lift the sample using the lift key. I suggest to drop the sample right away again on tape, so you’ll have it there for later use should need be. Then go to the drum mode, make sure you have a sample drum selected (as opposed to D-Synth) and just press the drop key. The sample will replace the drums you selected from the beginning for the length of the sample you lifted. There’s a limit of 12 seconds though. This technique works with synth as well, but you only get 6 seconds worth of sample space.

I suppose you do know you can directly record your sample to e.g. the drums without having to store it on tape. Shift+Mic button (top right) and select your source, gain and trigger level.

A trick I sometime use to get longer samples into the OP-1: Play the sample at higher speed and then pitch it down. This works well with Youtube’s speed changing functionality (sadly not available on mobile devices) though you get some distortion.

Well you were inspired by stating the obvious cause it worked : I was trying to drop to D-Synth and just didn’t try on another slot :slight_smile: Thanks for the detailed explanations, I end up resampling the radio now !