Sampling iPhone via usb-c to lightning

Has anyone has any success with this?

Perhaps I just assumed this would be a feature and it’s not, or perhaps I have a duff cable, but nothing is coming in when I set the input to usb.

My iPhone (XR) continues to play audio out of its speaker as well, as if OP1F wasn’t even there.

I realise I could just get a mini jack to lightning adapter and sample analog but would like minimal cables in the bag ideally.


I’ve heard some people have had this work, others havent. In my case the iphone pings to indicate charge and then disconnects… the cable im using supports usb when connected to my Mac so its likely not the cable.

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did u try w/ the CCK adapter (or whatever they call it these days) ?

I’ll try with one of those and report back,

But it’s still another dongle, seems like a step that shouldn’t have to be there

I can confirm it works with the CCK!
Thanks a lot for the tip

However see above for disappointment that it’s not native.

Be interesting to see if anyone has managed to get it to work straight in or weather I just dreamed that feature in my head…

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well while the op1 field is advertised as a usb audio host
it seems that this implementation is either not complete or very buggy
a handful of users have been saying it doesn’t really work or only in specific scenarios

the CCK works because now the iphone is the audio host not the op1

tbh i get your gripe but the CCK cables pretty small
and gets u where u want to go w/ minimal fuss

hopefully they will sort out the usb audio host issues sooner than later :shrug:

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it very much depends on the cable. it must be mfi (made for iphone) certified. original apple cables work fine.

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I’m able to both sample from and record to iPhone 13 pro max using standard charging cable. Key for me has been to verify the connection on one or both of the devices: iPhone will give a momentary “charging” buzz, but will then stop charging, if the connection is successful; OP1 Field will display an orange arrow inside the USB icon if it is connected to the external device. Certain things - like letting it sleep - seems to cause iPhone to disconnect.

It works very well with iPhone X and official usb c to lightening cable

I’ve recorded from iPhone → OP-1 Field using genuine Apple lightning to USB-A cable and a cheap USB-A to USB-C adaptor. I keep that in the Field bag. Apple doesn’t make a 0.5M USB-C lightning cable so that’s why I use the other combo. Space is tight for my earphones, charge cable, and the 0.5M cable a 1M cable wouldn’t fit.

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USB C auf Lightning Kabel Kurz [MFi Zertifiziert-0.13M], mytysun Power Delivery Tpy C to Lightning Ladekabel FPC innen, kompatibel mit iPhone 12 Pro/12/12Mini/11/11 Pro/X/XS/XR/iPad Air

this one works and is really small

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Apple Lightning to USB-C works on my iPhone 11 Pro Max to OP-1F.

Works for me out-of-the box. Was even a bit surprised how easy and seamless it worked.

I carry a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male 1-foot cable anyway for hooking to portable synths. I just added Apple’s tiny lightning <–> 3.5mm female (it came with a phone) headphone adaptor and I can sample that way.

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I use a Lightning to USB-C that came with an Apple product.

It is a bit of fiddling with with changing the input mode on OP-1 and output mode on the phone to make them handshake correctly. I guess they need to agree on who is input vs output. Once it is up and running it works well.

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