Sampling nightmare

I really like the OP-Z. Its fun to play around. And now comes a big but:

Sample organisation is a nightmare. Again: a nightmare. I have been working in music for over 20 years but this has never been so buggy, unreliable, failing and all around bad. So to tell the story of what doesnt work, here are my points:

1.) importing via OTG cable into the samplepak folders result often in samples not playing, even though the come from op1fun, work sometimes but sometimes not. I really dont know why.

2.) backup can only be done via file manager (android), as there is no method of doing via the OPz app. bad, why on gods earth is there no way of easy backup? also: if you copy it over to restore, sometimes it works, but all the presets are gone, sometimes the samples dont work, its an all around buggy mess. backup is therefore not existing and broken.

3.) why do i need 3 apps to do one thing? i need the op1 utility to make kits, then a file manager to transfer and then the op app to change samples on the fly which are on there. why not 1 app, why not from TE altogehter? this is broken and bad.

4.) if I want to change samples in the op-z app, i cannot preview them, which is bad, because my “usersamples” all just have cryptic numbers and i dont know what they are. They also dont appear on the file system, which is cumbersome to evoke. so why not have it working, TE??

5.) sample memory is a mere joke. why only 32mb? my phone has 64GB! why on earth do I have to juggle tiny slices of stuff, when i can have complete libraries in my palm with a simple usb stick? Why the hell all this trouble? Why???

I will send this to TE also because I am fed up with this seriously bad bad bad performance.

Again: the OP is a fine instrument, but the build quality and now the software is a joke. a joke for 550 euros.

come on TE.


I think a simple answer to all these questions is that TE wanted to respect interoperability with the existing OP-1 sample format and community, they are a small company that can’t benefit from the large economies of scale your phone did, and they chose to make a device that is as stand-alone as possible as it’s primary design, while providing additional functionality and reference through the official app.

You might just argue why you don’t use your phone, tablet, or laptop for the more infinitely more potential it has.

One might argue that TE’s contribution is the limits of the device, that limits inspire creativity.

Are you maybe overthinking it? The OP-1 is just as useful as the day it first shipped, but a ten-year-old smartphone is not. It does a simple thing very well (like command line Unix/Linux software).

But yeah, mobile OS file managers are totes an afterthought! But, you can hardly blame TE for Google’s or Apple’s focus on smartphones that anyone can use. Try it on a laptop/desktop, so much better.

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I always liked that TE limited those things, get creative!

sold it. got the Deluge.

That is probably the best solution for you.:+1:t2:

I’m not sure if TE want to encourage you to record your own samples more however the sample management on a machine costing the best of £500 is a joke and really limits its possibilities.

There should be a simple drag and drop system on the app like you do for everything else. Maybe have a version of the sample editor working in the app too before import stage so you can get a nice library/kit for each preset.
Of they made the sample import easier then it brings the OP-Z into line with other hardware based groove boxes which surely must be a good thing.

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