Sampling old Vinyl (Online Resource)

Came across this HUGE resource of digitised 78’s from yesteryear.

Doesn’t copyright only stand for 50 years? Some of this stuff may be ripe for the picking!

Thanks for sharing this! There’s some kick-ass old jazz tunes there, among other things.

Nice share, thanks!

Woohoo! Cheers mate.

This is awesome! From memory though copyright is authors life+50 years after they die. Different number depending on the country.

Freal though, unless any of us are famous (?) my attitude is to sample away, just change it up. I like using vinyl samples in the OP1 as a mellotron, or shorten them up and use them as an oscillator

Thanks for the share!

i think it varies a bit w copyright…

intellectual property rights pass after 50 years i think…

but physical property can be different… i.e. if a label bought the rights to the recording then it can still be copyright though the original creator has passed.

again i’m not too sure…

but imo, unless you actually make some scrilla off ting then you’ll be cool - ain’t no lawyer in world gunna waste their hours prosecuting some chump in his bedroom… particularly when we outnumber those suckers 100 to 1. it’d be a busy day for saul goodman.

It also varies internationally, e.g. in Finland, the musician’s copyright is in effect 70 years after their death…

But I suspect the copyright cops have other things keeping them busy instead of hounding people sampling old shellac discs. =)