Sampling Shortwave Radio

I’ve been having tons of fun creating patches with samples from – so, I thought I’d pass it along!

I wish the FM radio in the OP-1 was a shortwave radio! I wonder if they could do this in a future OS, or would it require different hardware? is practically a synthesizer in itself.

AM radio very different from FM. The UTwente setup is amazing. Browsing down the webSDR list, you’d see it’s one of a kind. Some of the alternative sites are nice, however. In the middle east area especially - after dark.

This is amazing! Thank you!

I use a lot of SW samples using small portables like this one from Tecsun:
This one quite cool because if you put in rechargeable batteries, you can recharge via USB.

But this web radio is some serious radio-ham quality gear!

Double++1 good

For some reason the link doesn’t work here in France…

Or is it something that I’m doing wrong ?

Love the Cylon effect when speech is half tuned in… it’s got the funk

I listen to shortwave radio quite a bit on my Grundig G3. You can pick up some weird stuff (and a lot of wacky religious programming if you live in North America) from surprisingly far away.

My radio has a line out so it’d be easy to connect it to the OP1…I should really try that soon

Note on shortwave in case it isn’t common knowledge - AM works best at night

A great selection of creepy shortwave recordings from the Conet Project is available on

The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [ird059] : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Aquarius Records in SF used to sell the collection (more copies were sold there than anywhere else in the world), and would take a Polaroid of every customer who purchased one.

Shortwave sampling is cool! I have this little portable that even includes SSB (Single SideBand). Got the Tecsun version from a seller based in Japan for less than $50US. The CountyComm model is identical.

I am having a blast sampling the built in FM radio. Can’t wait to try remixing some shortwave stuff…too much fun