Sampling Time

We’ve got what 12 seconds under drum synth to record a sample?

is there anyway this can be extended?..IMHO this is the only thing holding this back. I’d really like to be able to sample for as long as i like (or until memory fails me)

am i wrong?

Nope. 12 seconds on Drum Sampler, 6 on Synth Sampler.

If you aren’t aware, you can record directly to Tape if that helps at all.

You could record to tape from line in :wink:

Try speeding up your sample and pitching down?

@KrisM you get 12 minutes? Damn, think mine is broken… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes I sample LPs at 78 RPM +20%. That’s almost 3x record time at the expense of quality.

^ Oh yes ,that use to be an old school tip for adding edgy crunch to your samples.
Must try that now.

Can you import a clip longer then 12 seconds into the op-1? just by drag-drop from computer?

What is the sampling time on the org volca sampler?

^ sample creation will fail if you do that, but you can reduce the length of the sample by resampling it at a higher pitch. In Audacity for example you can do it with Effect -> Change Speed.