Sampling with OP-Z recap

Hi there,

New to the OP-Z, and I am lost, I have read many post on this forum and have a bunch of questions:

  • is it still true (with latest firmware) that the line input needs a microphone level? I have read somewhere an official message from TE that a line level can damage the unit. How so? And why is it not made clearer. I had to dig a lot for this information and still not clear with that…

  • If we need a microphone level, so an iRig 2 is easy to use? I would really not want to damage the op Z, and would like a “foolproof” solution… would it deteriorate the sound? I read on this forum lots of people using simple audio spliter and their OP Z didn’t catch fire.

  • Is the line in sampling in mono or stereo? Is the USB input mono or stereo?

  • how’s the OP-Z DAC in term of audio quality?

Cheers for all those questions!

The dac is a standard dac used in many synths and the opz sounds really good, gain staging is important as so much can be going on. There is no line level input, only a output. You can use a irig2 and others to change the level like you said… Or just use USB from your phone, that’s probably easier. I believe the samples from USB are stereo but I’m not really sure, others may know for sure.

Thanks for your reply. Indeed I find the sound quite good, maybe better than my volcas but that’s maybe my brain tricking me.

For the iRig 2, I really don’t know anything about matching volume and stuff like that. Is it really necessary to use something like that? Why not just a simple splitter cable? And what is the difference between an iRig 2 or iRig (1)…

Irig2 is made for this application, the 1 or others ones are made for guitar and other stuff, the 2 is line level input. Yes you need this instead of a basic splitter if you want to be safe. A splitter will not change the signal from line to mic and is a much higher signal so you can mess up the opz with high levels… Or even normal levels, basically anything but a whisper, if you monitor in headphones and keep the signal low you might get away with it but why risk it? Just use equipment that’s made for that.

So, I also asked TE support about this exact matter. (even quoting their FAQ regarding line in needing to be at mic level)

They simply told me: "The OP-Z does not have any input except for the USB."

I find their answer… surprising :thinking: :smile:
Maybe that the official statement. But I believe that contradicts their statement in their FAQ.


That is technically true… the jack is actually a output, it just had a mic channel in it as the apple standard… That’s why I said just use USB.

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Indeed, the USB seems like a good idea to get a clean sample. Cheers! :+1: