San Francisco meet-up?

I might be up for Ocean Beach! Depends on when. We live down in Boulder Creek (south of Silicon Valley, towards Santa Cruz). But I’d love to meet up with folks. My live playing chops are pretty shameful, but I’m happy to bring gear, learn, and meet people.

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Lets make it happen. I can bring a table, mixer and speakers if someone has a generator. I have a couple DMX lights but don’t have a DMX adapter for an OP-Z. If someone does I am down to bring lights. Or we could bring a gang of linkable bluetooth speakers and stick with the battery powered TE vibe.

that sounds like a lot of effort! I think let’s try and keep the load easy for everyone, some bluetooth speakers and maybe a mixer so we are all sync’d up should be plenty for the first meet!

I am offering to bring my sound equipment. It’s no a much effort. It’s easy to set up and break down, I have done it countless times. I just don’t have a generator to power my speakers, or mixer. IMO, if you only need to show up with your TE gear and not bring your own speaker that’s less effort.

If there is no generator available and/or If someone can bring a battery powered mixer with a couple linked bluetooth speakers that would be fine to.

sadly I can’t help on either front there :frowning:

Shall we aim for next weekend? Maybe the weekend after?

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I am out for this weekend. How many people here are interested? Should we post to the facebook op-1 and op-z groups?

Sorry for the silence, been out of town. How about this coming holiday weekend? 6/7 work for everyone? I know @kingof9x is in!