San Francisco meet-up?

Hey everyone! I’m new to SF and new to the OP-1 for that matter! Was wondering if there were any people in SF who’d wanna meet-up as a group some weekend soon and jam out?

Are OP-Z owners allowed too? :grin:


Cool, I am down! Seems like a great idea. If we get some momentum we should organize a show too.

So down! There’s a synth meet-up in Oakland I found online, that might be the easiest way for people with TE gear to meet up! The next one is tomorrow (Sunday) unfortunately i can’t make that one but we should keep checking and see who else is in the area and meet at one of these!

Woah, great find. I am going to try to go tomorrow night!

I would like to as well, but I am also in a parade tomorrow. I doubt I can do both.

Very interested in an operator meat up another weekend.

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Sound off with what hood you’re in! It’ll help me figure out the meet up

I’m in mission dores

I am in Alameda, easy access to most of the city

Did you go to the resonant frequencies thing? Would that be a suitable place for a meet-up?

Unfortunately by Sunday night I was spent so I didn’t end up going.

Ok so we should all plan to meet at the next one as a first step!

Marin county. Willing to travel anywhere in the bay area. I do want to point out that marin has awsome open space with epic views of the rest of the bay area. as long as we are a small group Mt tam is a good spot for inspiring views.

Big fan of Mt.Tam

I am interested, I am in SF. I have an OP-z and some POs


Do you have a location in mind near Mt Tam? I’m getting into op-z and percussion. I’m in Fairfax…

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Trojan point would be a good one. Parking lot. short walk amazing panoramic views. Or a little higher at the rock springs parking lot.

I don’t have a car… might be a tough one for me, also I have some mobility issues (not major) in my right ankle, so if it’s hike to get there, sadly I won’t be able to join

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Good point. While it is a short walk, not a hike, I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out. Especially the person that started the thread.

Ocean beach has a spot old school ravers would know. At the end of Taraval st. It has space to set up speakers, chill, parking and public transportation are near by. It has large concrete we can use to put some gear that works kinda like a stage.

thanks for being so cool about it! let’s make sure everyone else can join too, if we can all make ocean beach, let’s figure out the date to meet

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