Save sound - "full"

I’m out traveling worth my op-1. It’s been great for the train and at a small tabletop jam with friends last night. I sampled some of what we were playing, but when I hold down its key to save it, I get the “full” message. I want to make sure I hold onto this sound. Anything I can do to make room while I’m traveling? I have no laptop with me.

If I have to wait until I get home to go into disk mode, what should I watch out for when clearing space so that my sound/sample doesn’t accidentally get erased by me trying to be clever?

If you don’t intend to wipe your tape, it might be worth lifting it from the sampler and leaving it on the tape. You can lift it from the tape later and drop it back in and it will even retain your settings.

also, if its currently located in one of the 1-8 slots then as long as u don’t put something else in that slot, it will be there until you can get to a computer.

Got back to the computer… Cleared some stuff off, yet the system still seems to be complaining about “Full” when I try to save this sampler track. Disk mode says “113 MB available”. Holding down sound 7 saves OK (a DSynth sound), but the sample one just keeps saying “Full”. There are only 8 items in my “Snapshots” folder.

Any idea what’s causing the “Full” signal?

How old is it?You could try a system reset.It really sorted my crashing machine.

this might be kinda dumb, but when u deleted your stuff on your comptuer, did u empty your recycle bin?

sometimes the files stay if u don't do that.

also the patch memory is shared between synth and drum sampler, do u have any drum kit samples loaded?