Save sounds to tape. How?

How does this work? I just tried the instructions from the manual with a sound from FM machine and nothing happened? From the manual…

save to tape
a sound can also be saved to tape. use the lift key while in synthesiser or drum mode. then switch to tape and press the drop key, the sound will now be converted to sound-data.
to recall a sound that was saved to tape, press lift, switch to synthesiser or drum mode and press drop

i dunno if u are following the above instructions verbatim
but it does say press lift then press STOP
where it prolly should say press lift then press DROP

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My bad, I had to type out the section of the manual because it’s formatted weird.

But yes, I’ve tried lift and drop but nothing happens?…

Have you tried this with both sample and synth engines?

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This functionality does not exist in OP-1 Field. I suspect you are reading the manual for original OP-1.

Page 60 of the current OP-1 field manual…

I’ve contacted support - either it’s a bug with the software or the manual. Thanks all!

[Update] TE are looking into it - sound like it should be working but isn’t.

Works over here on the op-1 field.

Works fine on my OP-1 Field

Are you referring to synth and drum samplers only? I can drop that on the tape no worries. I can’t drop any other instrument types down however.

Any sound. It may appear to be working with a sample, but if you look closely all that is happening is you’re transferring the sample and not the envelope, fx, lfo etc.