Saving data with no laptop in sight??

Hey guys, i am literally minutes away from finally buying an OP-1!!!

I’m taking it on a trip through Japan and will not have access to a laptop. How can i save my songs? Is there any way to do it?

Things i can potentially bring if of use: Ipad, android phone, external harddrive. Will these do?

Newbie question probably but i am way excited and on a short time schedule! Hope you guys understand. I’m going to want to make as many songs and sample as many things as possible during my trip!

Android phone with an otg USB cable will work.

MOST android phones/tablets will work. It must support USB OTG. My old Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod won’t accept the OP-1 as USB storage, though it works with many other memory sticks. The XPeria Z3 Compact Tablet from my wife works perfectly.

This is also an option to use it wirelessly with your iPad. Can backup to sd cards as well as be used for a power bank.

Hi, I use an Iriver IFP-790 MP3, which has a line in Record function(up to 320kbps)

It’s portable, cheap now, 1 AA battery to power up 40hrs+