Saving Projects

Hi All!

I’m running into an issue and I’m sure it’s simply a user error. I’m trying to save a default project that has my track routing, panning and volume configured so that I have a basic template that fits my current set up. But I can’t seem to properly save and recall the project.

I’m running firmware 1.2.45. I press the Project button and hold one of the slots 1-0, I watch the lights fill up, indicating it has saved the overall project. I’ve also tried, the process I’ve just mentioned, and then pressing one of the track buttons while the project button is still held, to save the pattern.

But when I switch to another project, and then return to the one I just saved, all of my panning, sends, line out routing, and levels have been reset. So any track that was panned hard left or right, is now back to the center, etc.

Would anyone happen to know what I’m doing wrong?

It seems that parameters set for an empty pattern(not light up orange when the P button is pressed) are not saved

Woah! Ok I’m going to look at what turns orange when the Project button is pressed.

What’s strange is, on the projects that are pre installed on the op-z, it keeps the track panning, effect send settings and track levels saved. So it still makes me think I’m doing something wrong, or not pressing all the buttons needed to keep these settings attached to the projects that I’m working on.

It appears that in order to save line module routing, and panning information per track in a project, you have to place at least one note on the specified track in a pattern before saving the project. I’m assuming the notes placed in a pattern is what keeps the other settings saved.

I was hoping I could create a blank template like a typical DAW or an MPC.

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