Saving songs cant be done?

So are other people able to chain patterns together and save multiple songs on there opz cause i can only save one song at a time when i try to save another the first song goes away please see video can you tell me what im doing wrong
or is this just another bug with this hunk of junk

I’m afraid I can’t tell what you are trying to do and how you are doing it in the video as the camera is all over the place and fingers in the way.

hunk of junk. lol


It looks like you’re holding down a black key to save a pattern chain? Pattern chains are saved by holding a white key though.

Right, to chain patterns you press PLAY, then the pattern you want and then you hold one of the WHITE keys UNDER the black number keys (white piano key.).

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i understand how to chain the patterns . I want to save the chains and be able to load the previous chains ive made again at a later time . Is that possible because i can chain them but when i want to make a new chain i lose the one i worked on previously.

Are you selecting a new white key for each new chain within the Program? I usually try to make two to four songs on each Program, so put a chain under the first pattern in each of your chains to easily bounce between your songs.

After you create the chain, you have to hold one of the piano keys under the black ones, so you save it