saving synth/ drum/ sample patches


im confused about how patches are categorized/ saved. ive read theres only room for 42 drum patches, 42 synth sampler patches, and 100 synth synthesis patches. but theres like 160 synth presets out of the box. do those numbers not include presets? also i dont understand the list of patches that goes under the folder ‘sampler’ in the synth section. if i make a patch using sampling, to save it you still hold the key to save it as a snapshot. it doesnt end up in the sampler folder. i guess overall i dont understand what constitutes a sampler patch vs a synth patch, and how do you know what one your saving/ working with?


Yes the presets are different from saved snapshots in memory count.
Regards to sample waveforms… all synth and sampler snapshots are bunged together under their date name, in either synth or drum snapshot folder. You can then use a computer to lift the file, rename it, then place it into the preset lists. If it’s a sampler for synth or drum - the wave form will then appear in the list when selecting sampler with shift and T1. Note this is different from selecting a preset with shift 1-8 as we are only changing the synth engine setting in T1 and keeping the other settings in T2-4 for envelope, fx and lfo unchanged. While shift and 1-8 will give you whole presets and snap shot lists with total voice parameters changed.
Hope this makes things a bit clearer, I’m tired and my words are making it sound complicated :slight_smile: It’s more simple once you get use to examining the OP1 in usb mode on a comp. Just remember the difference between Shift & T1 and shift & 1-8.