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In the process of saving patches on the OP-1, regarding the 1-8 slots. Once filled,

  1. Do we go on the computer to delete the 1-8 snapshots patches to make room again?
  2. Does saving another patch overwrite the current slots on the OP-1 snapshot folder?

Trying to figure out if I should copy the patches via computer over every time I fill up the 8 slots.

Any process guidance is welcomed. Thanks!

Oh you can save way WAY more snapshots than just 8. Once you save a snapshot patch (by holding the assigned number button down) it goes into the snapshot folder which can be found the same way the other built in presets are found. You do need to hook it up to the computer if you want to give it a name tho.

Ah I see! Does it matter which number I hold down (1-8) to save them? I appreciate your help!

Any of 1-8 will make a “snapshot” of that number; so if you press and hold “2” it will save a snapshot that is named yymmdd hhmm (year month day hour minute) - to rename, use USB to connect to your computer…

Hope that helps!

Got it! Thank you both so much! :slight_smile: