Screen replacement for OG OP-1 Gen 1

Hello fellow OP1 users. A couple of days I accidentaly dropped my OP1, and the screen started to fail a some hours later. 2 days later my screen is now completely dead.
I have seen posts explaining how to change the screen and how to get the replacement, but all of them seem to be about a different version from the one I have, they show the Gen 2. Here I attach pictures of my opened OP1:

More pictures on Imgur

(This is the code that is written on the back of the screen, on top of the cable:



So if anyone knows how to get the replacement for my OP1 version, and how to replace it (because I can’t find how to disconect the main cable of the screen) and can share the info with, I will be very grateful. I live in Argentina, and here it is impossible to even get a used OP1 these days, less a new one, due to lack of availability.


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sorry this is not much help

but pretty sure they made the gen 2 because the gen 1 screen went out of production…?

prolly gunna be pretty hard to find one if thats def the case but it could be possible
maybe someone has some new old stock or u could vulture one from another broken op1 where the screen is still good but brokne for another reason

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