Secret Thirteen


My friend gave me a recent mix of his and it is now uploaded to the Secret Thirteen website. His name is Asusu and he told me that this is the stuff he likes to listen to in his own time and around the house.

I thought I’d pop it your way. I hope you find some pieces of beauty or enriching unique samples :wink:

It’s the latest mix on the site :slight_smile:

The Dropbox link he sent me is here if you need it;

HisMostDarxxxellent your friends music

is a friend (his has problems which he solves with lovely narative music )
by the way secret thirteen is as far as i know the only nettwork with friendly food for thought

Hmmm interesting and perplexing. Thanks
The other stuff he’s done with Livity Sound is completely different. We studied music together back in the day, like 2006 I think. I wonder if you’ll like the Livity Sound stuff or Asusu’s other things. Worth a look Thor!:slight_smile: