Seeking a keybed for parts

Hey all,

I have non responsive keys due to broken traces at the edge of the ribbon connector of the keybed. My Op-1 has been through a lot (previous owner had it at the beach) and a cleaner keybed than my would be a better base for repairs.
So if any of you have replaced a keybed and have the old part laying around please hit me up.


I have the same problem. I am not tough on the op-1, and it’s only about a year old.
Hitting the highest note does not make the note sound. It simply cuts out/short circuits the right half of the board (there are 2 ribbon connectors in the op-1, left and right). Determined it’s a micro fracture or similar in the gilded path.

Waiting for replacement keyboard from ifixit. But I have several midi controllers that I actually prefer to the onboard piano for range and velocity sensitivity.