Send click from opz to your drummer

Does anyone know if there’s a way to split the output like on the op-1 in po sync mode? with the click sending from one side of the stereo out, and the mix from the other?

The quirk with the metronome on the op-1 is that it doesn’t reset when you do take tricks and stuff like that. So it loses sync with the timeline of the tape. I’m looking at using an op1 and Opie z in the context of my live band.

The down and dirtiest way would be to sacrifice a track and pan it hard L or R, a trick I have done many times with many machines.


Thanks. I think the click would be interrupted by any tape tricks… (Although possibly not if you shift / deselect them on the tape or performance track?)

I wonder how stable midi clock over Bluetooth would be if the drummer got a phone app that could sync with the midi clock output from the opz!

I don’t remember for sure but I think you can decide which tracks are sent to the “tape machine”

Yeah you can!

Not the performance track, tho.