Send Links To Good Deals For The OP-1

Hello. I am 16, young inspiring music Creator and have been looking into the OP-1 for some time now. I watch Red Means Recording’s videos (Jeramy) (I love those videos a lot btw) so I was determined to get my hands on an OP-1. I do not have a lot of money and I want to try and save up but I feel that will take too long to save up $900 so if anyone could post links to deals for the OP-1 that would be greatly appreciated. Also please make sure they are Shipping only unless close to the location of Kenyon, MN 55946.

One of the best deals I can think of now is ordering from Perfect Circuit… You’ll have to wait, but you can get it for about $764 if you sign up for their newsletter and use the 10% off coupon.

Take a look on Amazon, sometimes Amazon itself sells units at a lower price.
I bought mine for 700€ this way.
Good luck!

B&H Photo has a used one for $699:

(it came up right after I spent full price on a new one from them…)