Hello, I searched and saw some discussion but hoping to get a more concrete approach for this.

I have a bunch of external effects I’d like too use, a few eurorack tools and an iPad that might help accomplish, but as minimal and few wires/devices would be ideal…

So I guess you can send the audio out to effects, then route it back in, but you will have a feedback loop - that makes sense. Some have said splitting the tape tracks into L/R to avoid this, how would you set that up? Does any of the new stereo stuff help out with this at all? Any other approaches? One mono track out and back in with minimal fuss would be huge, anything beyond that is icing. Monitoring on the built in speaker is also fine for me.


i do this all the time w/ my OG
i posted a nice diagram a long time ago back when the forum was operator-1
(or was it ohpeewon?)
but it didn’t make the migration and i couldnt find the diagram on my computer either

split the tracks with panning L/R is the way
basically instead of thinking of it as left and right in a stereo field
think of them as 2 separate mono tracks.

i actually think the stereoness of the field might make this a lil more complex
depending on what u have going on on your tape tracks.
like if u have some stuff going on all over the stereo field on track 1
and u pan it all the way left u may actually be missing whatever was on the right side of that track
and thats no good

but basically to avoid the feedback loop
the jist is u pan everything to one side that u want to send to your external FX
for this example lets say pan HARD LEFT
u pan everything else to the other side that u want to remain uneffected
so pan HARD RIGHT in this example
u always need 1 track panned to the uneffected side. your “return track” if u will.

then u need to split your output jack into two separate channels LEFT and RIGHT
with a splitter type thing adapter or otherwise.

next plug the LEFT out into your EXT FX device
plug hte RIGHT out into your monitor or next in your regular chain.
so that means speaker, headphones, mixer whatever.

plug your EXT FX output into the INPUT of your OP1
go to tape screen and select one of the UNEFFECTED tracks
so in our example thats anything panned hard RIGHT
this is where u avoid the feedback loop

so to recap now your audio is flowing out of the LEFT side to your EXT FX
out the EXT FX back into the OP1 which then goes to a tape track which is panned RIGHT
which then goes to your monitor, or next in chain and all should be well.


yep ive done this exact same thing too. works like charm but do be careful of you ears bc occasionally ill forget to select the correct “return” track and ill get an extremely loud feedback ping. and all the neighborhood animals start to bark lol.