Sending MIDI Notes to OP-1

So here is the deal, I want to be able to actually play the OP-1 on a 61 key keyboard. The keyboard I am using is an Axiom pro 61 (1st edition). I was hoping that I can just connect USB to USB through an adapter and send MIDI note data from my keyboard to my OP-1. To me this seemed feasable, I assumed teenage egineering would have implemented a strait forward way to send MIDI note data to the unit via an external source. Naturally I didn’t think the USB to USB option would work.

So I understand that you can asign a midi in chanel from the shift COM menu, which I have done and I have also selected the coresponding chanel on my keyboard. I also know that you can send MIDI CC through the MIDI LFO.

Additionally, If this is possible, do I really nead midi converter in thie signal chain? Its going from a digital MIDI device into the output of another digital MIDI device so I would asume no conversion would be nessary, but maybe I am missing something?

So my question is as follows: Can you send MIDI note data from a MIDI keyboard to the OP-1 and actually trigger notes on the unit?

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This won’t work. It’s not that TE failed to implement something correctly. :-). You need a USB-to-MIDI hub, or just plug both into a laptop and manage it there. The Kenton MIDI host is very popular:

Cool, thanks for the help.

For only playing the keys, you can also built your own device for about € 40,- I give you the link if interested, it’s very easy to solder…

I’d be interested in that link please @mixrasta

Don’t worry - found the thread!