sending midi to the OP-1 LFO - with just a computer

Hey Guys. I just got my OP-1 and Ive moved house and I have my op-1, Octatrack and a midipal and thats it. Nothing else - no midi or audio interface. My studio is elsewhere and Ive got no idea what to do here. So i might as well forget i have the midipal (Im waiting on a iconnect midi4 which if i had id hav no problem) and I can still dump audio to the OT. I dont usually use a computer but ive got ableton live 9, Reason 7 and Logic - how do I send and use the midi lfo?


plug your OP-1 into your computer. in your DAW of choice, select the OP-1 as the destination for a MIDI track.

On the OP-1, go into LFO and choose the MIDI LFO, and then set up which parameters each of the four values is modulating. In your DAW, send MIDI CCs 1, 2, 3, and/or 4 as automation on that MIDI track. In Ableton this can be done via clip automation, Reason probably has an LFO device you can use or output the LFO of another synth or something. No idea in Logic.