Sequencer: How to tell the difference between white, black, eighth

I am a beginner in MAO and I do not find how to make the difference in the sequencer between a note black, white and a crooked …

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Hi Thierry!
Not sure what you mean, but would love to help!



Thank you for your answer, I will try to be clearer. I’m sorry for my bad english.

I’m talking about the tempo and the length of the notes. How to differentiate between a full note and a half note for example?

For example, I would like to make a rhythm with a Kick at 80BPM and with the LEAD 6 notes 3 black (Quarter Notes) and 2 Notes with Flag (Eignth Notes)

The Kick sounds all 4 notes, and when I program 6 notes in the sequencer, I’m no longer in the rhythm.

Should we use the track parameter: Note length? or Step Lenght, Step Count?

How to do it if the score is not in 4/4 but in ¾ as in Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

A huge thank you

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So, I may not be able to fully understand and resolve your question. But there are a couple of things I’m picking up on worth noting.

  1. You can adjust the number of steps of each track independently. TE calls this Step Count. Hold Track & Shift and select a step on the sequencer between 1-16. For example, you can have 12 steps to one track, 6 on another and 9 on another, etc.

  2. You can add a multiplier to the track’s length as well. This will take the steps you set previously and repeat it a by a set number. Hold Track & Shift and select a number on the minor keys between 0-9.

  3. You can adjust the length of individual steps on the sequencer. Press and hold a step and then select a note to the right of the step to extend its length.

There are some things that step components can add to get more variety to the sequence as well.

Lastly, if you saw my review of the OP-Z, I was a bit critical of the sequencer on the unit primarily because its not as flexible and robust as many other sequencers on the market. I think it is a bit overhyped and a let down to some people who were hoping for a more powerful sequencer. I know it works fine for some, but there are people who are experimenting with the unit and hitting barriers quickly. Hopefully TE resolves this with an update.

I hope that helps.

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