Sequencing drone mode

With a track in drone mode, you press a piano key to start a note and press it again to stop. Using the sequencer I can start a note as usual but can’t find any way to sequence the stop. Is it possible?

Drone mode is more for live performance or just testing your synth. If you want a long note (or infinite note):
•put note on a sequence grid (red dot).
•long press on the note on a sequence grid.
•while still pressing the note, press else where on the sequence grid-
-line of blue dots will spare indicating the note length.

(Same trick also works with FX channel 13 ) :wink:

Hol up. It’s possible to sequence a fx track? I thought the keyboard, depending on fx, is used to set pre-delay. If it’s not OT feel free to enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face:

Terminology is a bit confusing:

Track 4 - sample sound fx
Track 9 - fx 1
Track 10 - fx 2
Track 13 - mixer fx

Track 4 regular sequencing method.
Track 9 and 10 you can sequence CC perimeter and if you chose delay effect you can also sample delay style on the sequence grid.
So for example you can have a sequence with an a gradually increasing delay effect.
Track 13 you can sequence normally on the sequence grid. How ever if you MIDI map your instrument (keyboard, launchpad) to track 13 , the notes would not always correspond with fx. So I recommend to sequence track 13 using sequence grid on op-z.