Sequencing external drum machine

Did anyone try to sequence an external drum machine with the OP-Z? I am considering to get an Audiothingies Double Drummer (6 voices drum synth, 6 voices samples). It seems a bit unintuitive to use the midi out from just one of the tracks to sequence it, but I hope I am wrong :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on how specific you can setup the MIDI-mapping of the Double Drummer.

I don’t know the Double Drummer, but it should be possible to tell it which instrument (kick, snare, hihat etc.) receives MIDI from which MIDI channel. So you could say the klick should only be triggered by a certain note from MIDI CH1. That would then be OP-Z’s kick-track. MIDI CH2 for snare etc. So you could also use the different tracks for sequencing the DD.

If you also want to use the sounds from the OP-Z at the same time that would of course mean, that both instruments (OP-Z and DD) would play simultaneously. A workaround for that could be, to setup you own drum-sample-packs for the OP-Z and leave one or more notes of each sample pack blank. You could then use those notes to trigger the DD (if you tell it to be triggered specifically by those notes) , without triggering anything on the OP-Z and use the rest of the notes to trigger the OP-Z independently.

I GUESS that could work. But of course I have not tried yet :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I think the double drummer uses just one channel, with the possibility to change scales for the trigs. I know they have a preset for the BeatStep Pro, but I was hoping to use the OP-Z for sequencing because the step components are so awesome.