Sequencing OP-1 with iPad

Hey there everyone how are you going?

Now I know this question has been asked a bunch of times on the old site but due to the site being down I could find the information anywhere.

I wanted to know how everyone was (or if its possible) sequencing their OP-1 into their iPad. I travel a bit and would love to just take my iPad and
OP1 to start ideas for new songs.

Any help in suggesting apps (Garage Band, Cuebase for iPad) and any accessories needed to get this to work would be awesome.
Also if anyone has made a little video feel free to post that up too.

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If you have a Lightning-based iPad, then the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

If you have a Dock Connector-based iPad, then the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Then simply connect the OP-1 to the iPad like you’d connect it to a computer.

Genome is a pretty cool sequencer app; I think the dev is working on a sequel. Lemur comes with a step sequencer, too, and you could build your own stuff as well. If you know Pure Data, you could build a sequencer and a GUI for it with MobMuPlat, but most people can’t be bothered to do all that. An option, though, of course :slight_smile:

Also ios 7 has a more robust MIDI set-up

I can recommend Genome. Steppolyarp is also great fun. There is also Brainwave, but I have no experience on that.

Great free apps are Little MIDI Machine and Nord Beat 2.

There are a TON more (like Thesys). Just search for sequencer in the appstore and take your pick.

Xsynthesizer is pretty boss for me!

+1 on Xsynthesizer - I love the ‘life’ morph on the sequencer - and free :slight_smile:

Ooo what’s life morph @KrisM? I have yet to explore the app entirely’s_Game_of_Life @Kites

I bought a 1st gen. iConnectMIDI that came with a mini USB-to-30 pin cable, then I got myself an iPad Mini Retina. I also got a lightning-to-30 pin flex adapter cable off eBay. Yesterday I tried to hook up my OP-1 with the iPad but it didn’t work. None of the apps (Korg Gadget, Waldorf Nave, DM-1, etc.) was receiving MIDI info from the OP. I tried connections thru the iConnectMIDI and also OP-1 - iPad direct, all to no avail. Now, I’m sure that it’s either me doing the whole thing wrong, or the lightning-to-30 pin adapter is defective, or maybe it’s the wrong cable and I should have bought the lightning-to-USB camera kit. Any suggestions or advice on this will be much appreciated. Sorry for all the dumbness, it’s just how I function when it comes to technical issues. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Gabor

Some of the ebay special fail at midi… you are best to go with Apple products for tried and proven cables. I recommend also camera connect cable.

Try controlling the OP-1 with the computer via the ICM. as a metal check.

Also I will try the my icm with my retina mini tomorrow and tell you if it works with can converter cable.

Thanks a lot dimi3 ! I’m almost sure it’s the copycat cable… looks like buying cheapo stuff costs me more in the end… lesson learned! :slight_smile: Speaking of original Apple cables and products: is it the lightning-to-30 pin adapter or the lighting-to-USB flex cable that I should get? Or is either one fine? I’d go for the light.-30 pin as I have the 30 pin-mini USB that came with the iCM.

Either is fine, but I like the flex only because that is a lot of tension on the connector. So I recommend flexible.

Thanks again @dimi3 , I’ll grab an original Apple lightning-to-30 pin cable then.

thanks for all your responses.

looks like I’m off to the apple store to get the camera kit.

Yeah Verified! works genome on an ipad mini retina, ICM+ funny cable with 30pin to lightening adpter from Apple does work.