Server Info Update

Sorry this is a painful time in the Operator-1 world. I am trying to find the best way of moving forward. I will get back to you all when I find an answer. I made a rush discussion back at the beginning and I am now making you all pay for it, again excuse this bip in time!

No worries @dimi3, we all appreciate the work you’ve put into the maintenance of this place!

+1 Thanks!!!

Indeed! Thanks for your efforts!

No apologies necessary, dimi3.

I looked into the hosting costs of Vanilla versus Discourse (which someone brought up in a different thread), and noticed the lowest cost tier is $100 USD cheaper per month. I don’t know if you’d be interested in transitioning forum platforms, but if so, that looks like an appealing option.
@LibertineLush, not really sure which way you were arguing, but I think hosting Discourse will cost a bit more, since the server requirements are a bit more esoteric (but not much). says that the hosting costs are $10 per month. You can also buy it as a service, outsourcing the maintenance work, for $100 per month.

I think Discourse would be great for us, but I do undestand that people are wary of switching forum databases again, and not everybody would be willing to chip in to fund a forum I suppose.
but I think hosting Discourse will cost a bit more, since the server requirements are a bit more esoteric (but not much).

Ah okay. I don’t know how this stuff works. It appeared cheaper at a glance.

BTW, how much does such forum cost and whom ?

I’ll gladly chip in a few bucks to the forum

so I you guys chat a lot!

there are 1400 users I gather not all talking but be can get up to 100,000 pages a month. Vanilla servers want $599 a month for that sort of community. I love you guys but not that much. There are a few route I am looking at, which may be more then what I am paying now, but for sure cheaper then that.

I want to stay ad free and let the world enjoy.

My work life has been heavy but luckily this is happening in a moment of calm. I am looking to make the smart choice not a quick answer which bites us in the ass later down the line.

@dimi3 how much do you actually pay for this forum ? How come you actually pay ?

Shouldn’t we use some kind of Patreon solution such as the one that Cuckoo uses ?
Or some ugly advertising somewhere ?

So I have a possible answer in the next week or so I will put up a parallel server so we can migrate over to a dedicated server.

@LyingDalai it has not been much. I want to try to keep this place free…

@dimi3 The way I see things, Patreon or any other system could be a way for “generous donators” to participate to the hosting fees.

I wouldn’t mind sending a few bucks each month to help.
Of course this place should stay free.
What about a small ad for music gear or stuff like this ?
I hate ads, but if it can be useful in some way…

@LyingDalai If this new direction doesn’t pan out… I will look into it. I have a trick up my sleeves where no one needs to pay. cross fingers!

1] 1400 users / 100,000 impressions/month is not a figure to want $599/month for. is this Vanilla who want this? They must be crazy.

2] the current server is either clogged by another process (is it virtual?), or this forum software drags its feet and is not fit to host a community.

I’ve seen similar issues with a CRM platform - poor coding. This size of community forum is web dev 101, way more modest servers can do more advanced stuff for this many people and not struggle. Don’t give up.

Yeah $599/month for forum upkeep is crazy. If Vanilla doesn’t scale, I say we switch. =)

they expect you are sponsored. or are advertising. none of which I want.

Timing may get the best of me… but I hope by the end of November, middle of december we will be blazing again and still free of advert, tyranny of evil brought to us by the man!

I am in the process of building a new home for use. I will be looking into a few things which may come with time but, a blogging area for people how want a space for their art and a wiki tool for maintaining information.

I will tell you as the system will be. Icing on line piece by piece.

Nice one. Thanks Dimi.


Sounds good @dimi3, thanks!